Keep your organization & employees healthy.

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MDbox lowers costs and increases convenience for both employer and employees by providing on demand telehealth services 24/7/365 and on employer-site health centers.

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An all new way to care for your organization.


Why Choose MDbox

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Care When You Need It

Provide convenient access to clinical services 24/7/365 via video and phone.

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Empower Health

Help employees become more aware of current conditions and be more proactive with their health.

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Increase Engagement

Increase employee engagement with convenient on-site clinical services without medical liability.

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Save Money

Only pay for the services used with MDBox's pay-per-consult telehealth services.

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Expanded Access

Expand access to quality care and providing specialists on-demand

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Enhanced Telemedicine

Treat over 85% of common conditions typically seen in an ER, eliminating unnecessary costs.

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Our Services 

Keep your business and employees healthy with MDbox full-service care solutions. Our development team has built a suite of integrated tools, including its IP-protected flagship product MDbox, symptom-based telemedicine solution available on-demand and in retail grocery chains and pharmacies. 

Company-wide Care Solutions:

  • ETS COVID-19 Soultions

  • N95 OSHA Health Assessment

  • Collection Kits

  • Drive-Thru PCR Testing 

  • Symptom Monitoring

  • Virtual Telehealth Visits

    • Per User​

    • Per Company/ Organization

  • Extender Services

  • Back end employer dashboard

  • Digital Health Pass


Enhanced Telemedicine

Integrated triage tools and machine vision-coupled POC tests. 

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Patient Assessment Tools
Scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, stethoscope, otoscope, dermatoscope, pharyngoscope, exhaled nitric oxide, spirometer


Diagnostic Testing
COVID-19, Rapid Strep, Flu A + B, Urinary Tract Infection (Women only), Allergy Skin Prick Test, host of other tests in development

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COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) Management Solution

MDbox provides an ETS management solution that allows you to proctor, manage, & monitor your employees COVID-19 status.

OSHA N95 Compliance

MDbox provides a service that allows your employees to take the required questionnaire confidentially and conveniently. 


COVID-19 Digital

Health Pass

Your digital “immunity passport” or “risk-free certificate” that enables individuals to travel or to return to work assuming that they are protected against re-infection.

Over 500+ Providers Nationwide 

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✓ US Board Certified

Our providers are certified in the States they practice and are credentialed using the most rigorous guidelines.


✓ Experienced

Our providers are certified and undergo a rigorous onboarding process. Our patients receive medical care that not only meets but exceeds standards set forth by the FDA, state medical boards, the AMA and other authorities.


✓ Secure

All providers undergo background checks and consultations are digitally archived according to HIPAA standards.