Optimizing Patient Care and Outcomes in Long Term Care Facilities


We optimize patient care by providing a mix of virtual & on-site clinical solutions along with advanced Remote Patient Monitoring and Risk Algorithms.


Our Benefits

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Improve Clinical Outcomes

MDBox promotes better health outcomes by giving facilities the means to access quality, on-demand care, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations. Our providers are available 24/7/365 to ensure your residents receive quality care at any time.

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Reduce Hospital Transfers

Integrated telehealth to empower care team members with care delivery tools to help hospitals and post-acute care providers to reduce hospital transfers or face financial penalties.

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Retain Revenue

Manage change in condition to connect existing care team members for a comprehensive real telehealth evaluation to manage their patients in place.  Keep your patient in the best care setting to promote positive outcomes and retain daily revenue.

Nursing Home

Medical Directorship 

MDbox’s on-site services include our medical directorship program that focuses on quality care, communication, and leadership. Our directors ensure medical direction of all clinical aspects providing plans, oversight, and supervision of clinical care. This includes routine checks to prevent declines in health status and conducting scheduled as well as unscheduled telemedicine visits. Our team of appropriately credentialed, qualified, and approved physicians implement the rules of the medical staff governing the quality and scope of care provided. 

Telehealth Extenders

MDbox  takes the burden off your employees by offering telehealth extenders that facilitate telehealth visits for your residents. 


Telehealth Visits

MDbox can provide your facility a full service Telehealth solution with access to our team of certified telehealth  providers specializing in long term care. Our providers can meet with your patients during scheduled rounds and are also available 24/7 for emergent issues. 

MDbox’s telehealth services include but are  not limited to: ​​

  • New Admit Initial H&P

  • Re-Admit H&P

  • Red Zone H&P

  • Covid-19 Monitoring

  • Change in Status

  • Regulatory / Mandated Visits

  • Discharge Planning Visit

  • Transitional Care Management

  • ​Advanced Care Planning

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Pain Management Care

  • Acute Issue

  • Wound Care

  • Medication Review / Reconciliation

  • Follow-up

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Our Services

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Remote Physiologic Monitoring

We offer personalized, 24/7 remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)  with the integration of the latest FDA approved devices. 


RPM uses digital technologies to collect medical and health data from individuals in one location and transmit that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations.  This type of service allows a provider to continue to track healthcare data for a patient once released to a care facility, reducing readmission rates. 

Risk Assessment Algorithm


The MDbox EMR is integrated with a risk assessment algorithm that brings the most urgent patient data to the forefront, giving clinicians the confidence to provide the best possible individual care for your patients.

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Telehealth Nights and Weekend Services

ReliantMD is able to offer convenient contact solutions which increase staff efficiency levels while also increasing the access to care that in turn promotes improved clinical outcomes by offering night and weekend services to the facilities we serve. 


Night and weekend services consist of round the clock access to a healthcare provider for both emergent and non-emergent issues. By ensuring that a healthcare provider is always available during the not so common hours of the day, this ensures that consistent interventions are implemented while also delivering the same level of care, regardless of the time of day. 


We have a multitude of geriatric and long term care facility experienced providers available for any type of issue. The healthcare providers also have the option to collaborate 24 hours a day and 7 day a week with supervising physicians and statewide medical directors. In order to truly impact resident outcomes, consistent and thorough clinical coverage is necessary versus standard once per week type of visits. 


Reliant MD has the capability to do any time of day or night visits that are necessary to care for the resident population, whereas onsite healthcare providers might not have the bandwidth or desire to complete these types of services. Whether it is providing relief to an existing healthcare provider group or desire to have more in depth services, Reliant MD night and weekend service is a streamlined, clinically savvy, and efficient call system that is beneficial to all parties.