Bringing Quality & Compassionate Healthcare for Those with Lifelong Needs

Quality Care Delivery Systems for Post-acute, Long-term, Rehabilitative, memory care, assisted living, and independent living centers

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"MDbox is providing greater access to healthcare and lowering costs, all without compromising patient care."

- Henry Legere, MD  Founder & Ceo

Why choose MDbox?

No hardware or software needed for our web-based services

Billable visits for your facility

HIPAA compliant measures

Convenient support available 24/7


Our Benefits

Remote Care

Improve coordination of patient's care of via remote patient monitoring

Increased Quality of Life

Reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital and utilize evidenced based interventions

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Promote better health outcomes for patients

Reduced Costs

We provide prevention and primary care methods reducing hospitalizations

Expanded Access

Expand access to quality patient care and providing specialists on-demand

Enhanced Procedures

Optimize operations while maximizing clinical outcomes in conjunction with strategic time management with virtual clinic practices 

Nursing Home

Our Services 

Based on our experience with MDbox telemedicine, we have expanded our services to Long Term Care where we now offer comprehensive care to residents of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, independent living communities and memory care facilities. Routine preventative care that presents patients with a virtual clinic environment along with acute medical care.

Our Care-taking Solutions:

  • Medical Directorship Services

  • Care for patient with acute or urgent symptoms

  • Remote patient monitoring for chronic conditions

  • CLIA-waived lab testing

  • Scheduled & Unscheduled Telemedicine Visits

  • Lab & Medication Ordering

  • Partnerships with mobile x-ray, dental, and audiology services

  • Proprietary EMR Integration with Point-Click-Care

  • Experienced Covid-19 Care for confirmed or suspected cases 


Enhanced Telemedicine

We are evolving a new movement in telemedicine care where being virtual does not mean losing the ability to give an accurate full assessment. We offer an innovative line of virtual assessment tools to bring your patients the best care possible. Integrated triage tools and machine vision-coupled POC tests. 

Patient Assessment Tools
Scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, stethoscope, otoscope, dermatoscope, pharyngoscope, exhaled nitric oxide, spirometer

Diagnostic Testing
COVID-19, Rapid Strep, Flu A + B, Urinary Tract Infection (Women only), Allergy Skin Prick Test, host of other tests in development


Telehealth Visits

  • Preventive care weekly to help detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they become major.

  • In depth e-visits to ensure there are no concerns between their weekly telehealth visits.

  • We address regulatory and mandated visits and handle acute issues with speedy response.

  • There are many other visits we offer such as smoking cessation visits, pain medicine management, advanced care planning, transitional care management and more.


Over 500+ Providers Nationwide 

✓ US Board Certified Providers

Our providers are certified in the States they practice and are credentialed using the most rigorous guidelines.


✓ Subject Matter Experts

Our providers are certified and subject matter experts versed in long term care regulatory clauses along with population focused participants. Our patients receive medical care that not only meets but exceeds standards set forth by the FDA, state medical boards, the AMA and other authorities.


✓ Trustworthy & Secure

Our services reach across the U.S. and offers you the security of knowing your residents are getting another layer of care to provide them the best quality of life. All providers undergo background checks and consultations are digitally archived according to HIPAA standards. 

We are a long term care division that serves a variety of LTAC and SNF through telemedicine with on-site collaboration.  Our goal is to provide improved clinical status for your patients with fast service and superior telehealth care.

Get Connected

MDbox is part of Reliant Immune Diagnostics, a patient-first organization successfully providing greater access to healthcare and lowering costs, all without compromising patient care.

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