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Bringing Quality

& Compassionate Healthcare 



Free up time for local physicians while also ensuring requirements are met within your care facility when you partner with MDbox's Medical Directorship Program.



No hardware or software needed for our web-based services


Quality and

affordable care


HIPAA compliant measures


Convenient support available 24/7

MDbox Medical Directorship Services

Medical Directorship roles at your facility by providing on-site physicians or remote physicians who use our innovative platform & technology to seamlessly take on the Medical Directorship role at your facility. 


With our comprehensive Medical Directorship Program

you’ll benefit from our experienced physician’s ability to perform a wide variety of services on your behalf, such as:


  • Attend Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) meetings

  • Be involved in the survey process and plan of correction

  • Collaborate with facility, staff and practitioners

  • Coordinate medical care

  • Establish and apply monitoring systems, effective documentation and follow-up of findings

  • Guide implementation of resident care policies

  • Improve physician compliance with regulations

  • Investigate quality issues to improve care

  • Provide clinical guidance and maintain current standards of practice

  • Provide education to providers

Medical Team

On-site Nurse Practictioners

We promote increased productivity and efficiency among your staff, while our physician ensures that best practices and established protocols are being followed in order to meet regulatory compliance exceeding minimum standards.

Our dedicated nurse practitioner team collaborates with your local leadership and staff to extend services offered within your community while helping you:


  • Reduce avoidable hospital transfers

  • Improve resident health and well-being

  • Increase occupancy

  • Provide access to physician consultations

  • Enhance current service offerings

  • Become the provider of choice




✓ Around the Clock Care

We have over 500+ providers nationwide ready to serve you. We provide in- person & virtual care. Our providers are on call nights and weekend and we provide 24/7 access to telehealth visits.

✓ US Board Certified Providers

Our providers are certified in the States they practice and are credentialed using the most rigorous guidelines.


✓ Subject Matter Experts

Our patients receive medical care that not only meets but exceeds standards set forth by the FDA, state medical boards, the AMA and other authorities.


✓ Trustworthy & Secure

Our services reach across the U.S. and offers you the security of knowing your residents are getting another layer of care to provide them the best quality of life. All providers undergo background checks and consultations are digitally archived according to HIPAA standards. 


Our goal is to provide improved clinical status for your patients with fast service and superior telehealth care.

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