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Create seamless telehealth experiences for your users directly on your web or mobile apps.

Add Our Telehealth

APIs to your App

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Health & Wellness Platforms

Integrate telemedicine to your platforms and offer your users a seamless experience to interact with a provider. Discover the services our medical teams can provide here 

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Integrate telemedicine into your processes to seamlessly verify medical necessity, provide medical guidance with results and insure continuity of care.

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RPM Devices & Platform

Integrate telemedicine into your platform to provide 24/7 vitals/data monitoring services and medical consultations for RPM patients.

Connect your users to medical providers from within your platform

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No Appointment Needed

Enjoy a less than 5 minute wait time to talk with a medical provider.

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No Insurance Needed

Pay a flat fee of $49.95 per visit. No hidden costs, no surprise bills, no worries. (Prescription not included)

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Get the Care They Need Fast

Your users can get the care they need through secure HIPAA compliant phone or video connections.

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Anytime, Anywhere.

Feel better whenever, wherever. We have medical providers on call 24/7 365 days a year.

Workflows You Can Deploy With Telehealth APIs

Ad-hoc, Secure Video Visits

Easily invite a patient into a virtual care session with a care provider through a text message or email and without leaving your platform.

Track Activities for Billing and Reporting

Real-time, secure, transactional tracking and reporting.

Capture Patient Assessments In Call

Present care providers with secure assessment forms during virtual care sessions.

HIPAA-compliant Video Visits

All clinical documentation is completed directly in your application with HIPAA-compliant video.

In need of something else? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you find a solution

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