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Keeping up with Coronavirus

Unless you’re over 100, this is likely your first global pandemic. And living with so much information at your fingertips can sometimes be completely overwhelming.

So, we took the liberty to compile a list of the top hashtags/trends to follow on social to keep you informed, healthy and even entertained during this outbreak.

  1. #SafeHands: One of the biggest pieces of staying healthy during all of this is washing your hands properly. This hashtag features celebrities, musicians and more demonstrating the proper way to wash your hands with entertaining twists.

  2. #ViewFromMyWindow: We all have the travel itch right now, despite not being able to go many places at all. This hashtag compiles the views from windows the world over to give you a snapshot of the world around you from the comfort of home.

  3. #SocialDistancing: This term in general may end up being Webster’s word of 2020. As a hashtag, this keeps you informed of how others are employing the practice safely and effectively.

  4. #TogetherAtHome: This has been used as sort of a broad brush hashtag about life in quarantine, but musicians and entertainers have taken to using this hashtag to promote concerts streamed from their homes to keep the music going under quarantine.

  5. #AtHomeWorkouts: This hashtag has exploded over the past few weeks, as more and more people are looking for resources to stay active when their normal outlets for physical activity are closed.

  6. #GreatAmericanTakeout: More of a public service announcement than anything else, this focuses on encouraging Americans to order take out or delivery from local restaurants who were forced to close their dining rooms as a result of the shelter-in-place orders recommended by the CDC. Tuesdays have been unofficially designated as “Takeout Tuesdays” for this very purpose.

  7. #StillOpen: Along that same vein, this hashtag serves as a means of awareness of what businesses are indeed still open during all of this. Edicts on what is and isn’t considered an essential business can change from state to state, city to city, so this hashtag is helpful for businesses to let the public know they’re still open.

  8. #UntilTomorrow: Of course, someone developed an Instagram challenge to get us through quarantine. The rules are simple: post a silly or embarrassing picture of yourself that will stay online for 24 hours. The idea being that bad things, like this virus, are only temporary, and tomorrow will come.

Social media activity is soaring during this time of quarantine, as was expected. Use the resources at your disposal to stay informed, keep your chin up and stay entertained!


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