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Preparing for hibernation while enjoying the Fall

Winter is coming. Even though some of us have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, we all know that phrase. In our modern lives, no one has experienced a brutal pandemic like COVID-19, and we have not had the “pleasure” of dealing with it during a full winter.

We’re not going to focus on the disease itself. We will focus on taking care of ourselves during the upcoming winter without missing our favorite season: Fall! *

Let’s start with a basic: you need to take care of you first! Yup, I know that’s hard with work, children, parents, and your partner; but you can’t take care of all of them unless you’re charged (no one expects you to have a full tank because how is that even possible right now).

It’s Fall and a perfect time to take a quick walk around the neighborhood and check out the changing leaves. Even a 5-minute mindful walk around the block can give you that little jolt of energy to get through the rest of your day. I like to take a mindful walk before making dinner; I simply walk around my neighborhood with no earbuds, no phone conversations, no distractions. I walk. I notice the sounds, smells, and sights. I sometimes love something so much; I snap a picture. Even 5 minutes of this gives me a nice chill.

So now you’re Zen and can take on the world. 😉

Now we can chat about hibernation. According to The Googles, it’s 1.) the condition or period of an animal or plant spending the winter in a dormant state. or 2.) an extended period of remaining inactive or indoors. Obviously, we’re going to chat about the latter because if we could sleep for three months at a time, I think we would have chosen to do that for all of 2020.

GET A FLU SHOT, yes, I’m yelling. Again, GET A FLU SHOT. You need a new flu shot every year because the vaccine 1) becomes ineffective after a year, 2) the species within the vaccine are selected based on global Influenza trends, and of course, 3) COVID-19 is rising again.

Save all indoor activities until it’s cold. I’m serious, stop doing house projects like deep cleaning, redecorating, building something in your workshop, learning a new indoor hobby, or whatever keeps you inside. Go outside. Get out there, enjoy the weather before it gets cold and icky, obviously in a safe, social distancing way.

Now let’s do some prepping for those cold dark months of winter when you do have to be inside. First, get together a list of things that need fixing, you know, like that doorknob that really needs to be screwed in tighter, yeah you do. Get the list together, prioritize, and purchase whatever you need to show off your DIY-Skills!

Do you want to redecorate a room or your entire home? I do! We’ve been in our house for eight years, and I’m getting tired of the first-floor paint colors, artwork, and drapes. My husband and I are planning the redo now so we’re good to go when that first snowflake hits the ground.

Was there ever a skill you wanted to learn? Whatever you want to learn, there is a

YouTube video for it. My husband and the kids are musicians, and I just never had the opportunity to learn an instrument. This winter, I’m learning how to play the bass guitar Squee!! Do you want to learn how to bake, knit, sew, play an instrument, or a new language? In addition to YouTube, check out your local community college for online classes, the park district, and of course, there is an app for everything.

Does the house need cleaning? Like a deep clean. Just like my advice on fixing things around the house, make a list, prioritize, and purchase items you’ll need to accomplish your cleaning goals. If you’re like me in DC, you’ll have a good 2-4 months of being trapped in the house. So spread out the work, do a room every week…do not try to scrub every floorboard in your house in one day because that’s just wrong and depressing. All kidding aside about floorboards, I like to spread out deep cleaning because it only takes a couple of hours of a week to feel accomplished, and I get to enjoy my weekend.

Last but most important: Get Your Cocoon On! Go through your closet(s), grab all the comfy-cozy favorite sweaters you have, and get them cleaned if they need a refresh. Afterward, treat yourself! Even a new inexpensive Old Navy sweater can make you feel shiny and new. Just like sweaters, do you have enough blankets to make a fort? Are you good with your streaming services? Should you call your firewood guy?

Oops, I lied, there is one last item: MDBox! Ensure you and the family have the MDBox app on your devices for a quick call with a medical provider during this upcoming Cold and Flu season.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to keep busy over the winter.

Stay Safe!

MDBox Mamma

*Some of us love PSL, Leaf Peeping, and Halloween more than we should, or so we’re told.


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