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Staying Safe While Being Fashionable and a Little Social

I'm an extrovert who loves lipstick and the CDC, so what is a woman to do when it comes to complying with the CDC COVID-19 mask guidelines and social distancing guidelines? You wear a mask, ditch the lipstick and parties because not spreading or contracting the virus is more important!

We've been under lockdown in the Washington, DC area since early March, and wearing a mask in public was mandated early April. It took some time to get used to our new normal, but it's normal now. Not all of the country has been under mask mandates, but as COVID-19 cases increase in the South and Southwest, I wanted to give you some tips on how I've made my mask wearing a fashion statement.

Way before Vogue published their article on Cloth Masks to Shop Now, I was scouring the internet for masks to reflect my personal style. I landed on a couple of cotton cloth masks and one jersey mask that I could run in.

Seeing that Europe had been hit with the pandemic before we were here in the US, there were already several European Etsy shops selling stylish masks for every fashionista. Here I was able to find my "professional mask." I thought eventually I'll be back in a suit jacket while Coronavirus was still amongst us. I know my suits and professional wardrobe is a rainbow of grays, navy, and blacks, therefore, I picked a mask that would pop but not be too much; the Neutral & Yellow mask with filter pocket replaces my signature smile and red lips with a sunny mask that allows me to add a filter if I feel the need for more protection.

However, most of my days are spent in shorts and t-shirts at home with a random trip to the grocery store or a backyard social distancing hangout (we'll get to that later on). I decided I need at least a couple of fun masks to show my personality. Obviously, I don't always wear the drab rainbow of colors in my quarantine day-to-day, so I had to take that into account for my casual masks. I decided I needed something black and something white and maybe a wild card. Again, I hit up Esty to find what I needed and, of course, found a slew of cute and fun masks for my weekly grocery shopping trips. My fun masks were found at Auntie Kill Joy Etsy Shop. Let's just say my wildcard mask is a cute retro cherry print and makes people smile when I wear it…okay, I think they are smiling because they too are wearing a mask. Nonetheless, I like it, and it makes wearing a mask a bit easier.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I went to the grocery store every two to three weeks and bought all the canned and processed food, because I didn't know if that was going to be my last trip for a while. I took up baking and perfected a killer homemade Chicago thin crust pizza now. All this led to a couple of extra pounds and feeling sluggish. So, I took up running for the first time in my life. I needed a mask that was suitable for running and was easily removable when I was around no other soul.

The gaiter helped me lose 10lbs of pizza and baked goods! What's a gaiter…it's the same thing as a balaclava. Okay, before the pandemic, I didn't know either of those words. Recently The Daily Beast reviewed these magical tubes of jersey material and stated, "neck gaiters are great for wearing around your neck on socially distanced walks, hikes, bike rides, and more, and are easy to pull up over your nose and mouth when you need them. Because brands have been making them for years, they come in so many different styles already, from sweat-wicking ones to UV protecting ones, and plenty of designs."

I hope some of my face mask fashion tips help you enjoy the summer as best as possible! Nothing is ideal in these times right now, so take everything slow and be mindful…even when picking out a cute mask. 😊

Love & Peace-

MDBox Mamma


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